Healthy heart and lung function are essential to our patients’ recovery. Our nurses and therapists are well versed in cardio-pulmonary care, and carry equipment such as a pulse oximeter and coagucheck, and they are trained to monitor fluid retention. Because we can monitor our patients’ cardio-pulmonary health, we can safely push them during their physical therapy sessions to their endurance limits.

Balance Rehab
Fall prevention is very important to us at Elite. That is why we have a balance program worked into our care plans. Some issues that can affect a patient’s balance are medications, vision, osteoporosis, oxygen saturation level, inner ear problems, sensation deficits and neuropathy. Elite can assess the cause of their balance issues. We then discuss a recommended course of treatment with them and their doctor. For more information visit

Diabetic Management
Elite knows that living with diabetes can be complicated, but we can help our patients have a more normal life. When we visit a patient’s home, our nurse will check their blood sugar levels and administer medication or assist with medication management. Our nurses also teach them and their family the signs and symptoms for hypoglycemia and diabetes, and how to adjust their diet. Many patients with diabetes suffer from neuropathy or numbness, and in those cases we have Anodyne Therapy available for treatment. Anodyne can improve sensation so patients are less likely to have wounds that lead to amputation.

Travel Clinic
Assistive devices including walkers, canes, etc.
Beep Board
BOSU Balls
Cervical Traction
Encased Restorators
High Volt
Pulse Oximeters
TENS Units
Vital Stim
Wound care supplies

Wound Management
Many patients who spend long periods of time in bed or sitting, or have diabetes, can develop different types of wounds such as pressure sores, stasis ulcers, and surgical and trauma wounds. Our nurses and physical therapists have extensive experience in wound treatment and prevention. They assess the wound to determine its status. Is it healing, static, getting worse? Is there necrotic tissue present? They recommend a course of treatment that will ensure safe and rapid healing.

Pain Management
At Elite, we believe pain is very real to a patient regardless of their threshold. Our clinicians talk with each patient to assess their level of pain and suggest options to manage and reduce it. We may change the way a patient sits, teach them relaxation techniques or suggest medication. Patients who don’t want to take medications can rest assured that we have equipment and techniques that also help, such as a TENS unit, e-stim, ultrasound, therapeutic massage and Anodyne.